About us

Paying attention to how your waste water is dealt with. That’s where Water Afval Verwerking BV (WAV) takes the lead. We have been the environmentally-friendly partner for passenger ships in Amsterdam harbour since 2011. With us, the removal, transportation and treatment of waste water is in good hands. We will also be happy to help you if you moor outside Amsterdam.


Water Afval Verwerking BV comes to you at an agreed time and location. We collect the waste water from you on board and pump it in a safe manner to our own ship. You don’t need to do anything. We also look after its further treatment and transportation in full compliance with the legislation. You don’t have to worry about it.

We remove not only your waste water but also the residue. So you don’t get left with a dirty tank. We make sure that both the waste water and the residue are treated in a safe and responsible manner.

Cooking fat must also be disposed of in a responsible manner. So we also take that away for you at the same time. Because environmentally-friendly treatment is the highest priority in all our processes, we looked for opportunities for recycling it. The result? Your waste cooking fat enjoys a second life as biodiesel.


View our company video to find out what we do exactly.


Since the coming into force of the Ship Waste Convention, passenger ships can no longer dump their waste water into surface waters. In fact, rinsing water contains things that are not good for the environment. Detergent and shampoo, for instance, contain all kinds of non-biodegradable substances.

The new legislation stipulates that you must dispose of your waste water in an environmentally-friendly manner. A good thing for nature, but possibly also a source of worry. Because how are you going to organise this? WAV offers the solution. We take away your waste water and your worries.

As the only service provider with the right certificates we are authorised to pump your waste water, residue and cooking fat over to our own ship. Your load is literally and figuratively lightened and we take care of further treatment.